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There is a reason the Arab self-styled "Palestinians" have been wandering aimlessly throughout other people's homelands for 70 years. It's more than just the fact that they consistently reject international recognition of a geographical state. I'm not saying terrorism is a biological predisposition, I'm saying their predictable, consistent need to resort to terrorism to solve their every social failure gives that impression. They're behavior suggest they are biologically predisposed to terror as a panacea. Every time they come within inches of at least a glimmer of respectability, they commit a terrorist act, and the rest of the world looks on shaking our heads, like the way we shake our heads disapprovingly at the little brat screaming and throwing a tantrum in the supermarket when his mother doesn't buy him the candy or the toy. They are just not ready for a self-sustaining society. They blow every chance they get on tired, failed strategies. It's like every solution has to do with blowing people up, or running over people with trucks, or kidnapping and shooting and stabbing and rock throwing and missile launching. Diplomacy and constructive engagement are impossible comprehensions for these people.

The 40 Worst Colleges for Jewish Students, 2016

UNESCO Resolution on Palestine, Jerusalem, etc.

Including link to full text of resolution document

What makes Hamas a terrorist organization?

The Hamas Covenant calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and its replacement with a Palestinian Islamic State from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and there is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. The holy war is a religious duty for Palestinian Muslims to wrest control of Palestine from Israel.


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